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WindEnergy Hamburg 2018
OCTOBER 16-17, 2018  |  LONDON, UK
Subsea Power Cables 2018
OWC Project Engineer Catherine Burke will be speaking on the 17th at 16:10. Read more
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OCTOBER 16-18, 2018  |  AMSTERDAM, NL
Helitech International 2018
Khalid Kamhawi will be giving two presentations:
1. Overview of the Offshore Wind Market
2. Drones and Helictopers – Shared Air Space: Guidance for Offshore Wind Farms
NOVEMBER 21-22, 2018  |  AMSTERDAM, NL
Benelux Infrastructure Forum
John MacAskill speaking on day 2 on the topic “Offshore Wind Risk Management: How risky is it to not understand your risks?” and on the panel discussion “Panel Discussion: Increasing Performance, Managing Risks, and Lowering Costs”